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Your Guide to Grocery Shopping

It’s easy to lose your bearings in the aisles at the food store. What’s the best way to read a label? What should your decisions be based on? This activity gives you tools to help you understand the nutritional values on the label and make healthy choices. It also looks at the statements about nutritional value and health, and analyzes the list of ingredients. Led by a dietitian, this activity teaches the basic principles of healthy eating so that you can fill your shopping cart with healthy food.  


Learn the criteria to make healthier food choices in each food group
Compare different types of food
Understand the basic principles of healthy eating.

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Live Now, Live for Life!

It’s hard to imagine that over half of the Canadian population is living with at least one chronic medical condition. Add to this, the impact of personal finances on overall health and chronic disease. Financial health is a critical component of overall health - at all stages of life! To learn more about the lifestyle choices to prevent against chronic disease through healthy physical, mental and financial health practices, join us for the Chronic Disease and Financial Health Webinar.

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