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Welcome to the new Health & Wellness Portal!

RTO/ERO is focusing on your health. 
Our mission at RTO/ERO is to improve the lives of our members and seniors. What a delight it is to serve over 96,000 individuals through our superlative organization. Supporting healthy, active and dignified living is our serious commitment. Through each of our 48 District groups of volunteers and in partnership with Sun Life, we are dedicated to providing new ways to promote engagement in preventative health strategies. At the same time, we continue to provide our member retirees from the broader education sector the very best service and coverage in Canada.

Martha Foster, RTO/ERO Chair/President

Your Wellness Portal Activities

Wellness Webinars

Get the best information from health professionals wherever you are. The webinars will be the first step in a healthier direction you are going to take.

Wellness Resources

Here you will find information resources to support your ongoing health and wellness. Check back often as we continue to update information, including messaging from your RTO/ERO leaders.

Health Questionnaires

Complete confidential and secure health questionnaires that will help you to determine a snapshot of your health and to access health tools, resources and information about what you can do today, for a healthier tomorrow. Registration options available on the Health Questionnaire page.

Mystery Health Challenge

Complete daily activities and healthy bonuses to rack up points and reap the rewards of better health. You can track your physical activity with tools on the site or connect a personal fitness device like fitbit.  

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