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Welcome NAPEBT employees!

Here you will find the tools you need to thrive!  The site provides resources, activities and tools to all Northern Arizona Public Employees and their families.  Additional content and incentive reward tracking opportunities are available to Health Plan participants and can be accessed after logging in to the portal.  


Have questions about your incentive program?  Visit the About and FAQs sections on this page.

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Health plan participants are invited to login and access additional program resources. If you have not created an account previously, click Sign Up. 

Enter your FIRST and LAST names in ALL CAPS and the last four digits of your social security number.  If you are unable to create an account, contact hello@goonlinewellness.com for assistance.

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Questions about your incentive program? Check out the About and FAQs sections below.  For additional support, use the information below.


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Looking for class registration? Click on the Classes button to see the current offerings! Want to join a challenge? Go to the Challenges page. Looking for support on your wellness journey? Visit the Learning page to discover videos, podcasts, and articles relevant to the Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Health.



PERMAH Adventure Series

What is PERMAH?  This acronym stands for the following areas of life and wellness: Positive Emotion, Engagement, Relationships, Meaning, Achievement, and Health (Physical, Nutrition, and Sleep).  Small, deliberate actions in each of these areas will lead to an overall state of well-being. 

PERMAH Adventure Series:  We've created an automated e-mail series for each PERMAH category.  In each Adventure, you will identify where you are currently, then receive weekly e-mails with information to understand and practice habits for long-term growth.   Pick any Adventure Series that resonates -- one at a time or multiple, it's your Adventure to choose! Health Plan participants can login to self-report completing the activities in each weekly e-mail (1 point for each weekly e-mail). 


In case you missed it, find program news here.                   

Program Details

Our Mission : To provide a workplace that supports employees, families, and communities in health and wellness to optimize quality of life. 


Who:  With our awards winning Wellness Program you and your household 12 yrs old and up can take advantage of our FREE in-person wellness classes! Only employees on the health plan can earn incentives at this time.  


What:  Earn wellness points from May 16th to May 15th and earn incentives! Download the Information Packet for a detailed description of what is worth wellness points and the incentives you can earn!  


When:  Enter your wellness points by May 15th at 11:59 pm to receive the incentive starting July 1st.  

Employee and Family Assistance Program (EFAP)

Level One

    Step One: Earn 12 points. 



    Incentive: $240/yr Insurance Discount or HSA Contribution. 


Level Two

    Step Two: Earn 12 more points for a total of 24. 

    Incentive: $120 cash amount added to your paycheck, Health Savings Account or Flexible Spending Account. 

Level One plus Level Two is a total of $360!



Frequently Asked Questions


Find Wellness Program details in the reports below.                   

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